About NI

The designs of Nizio Interior are created in the spirit of 3R: recycle, reuse, remake.
The originator and founder of the brand, architect, sculptor, designer and animator of cultural life, Mirosław Nizio redefines old objects. He gives them a new life, a new design
and a new usage. He creates a unique and timeless furniture, taking care of the highest quality and functionality. He also offers to customers the comprehensive and unique projects of interior designs - residential, office, public and private spaces.

The idea of Nizio Interior is a result of four components: the current architectual activity
of Mirosław Nizio, his fascination of giving a new meanings and functions for old objects,
as well as the specific genius loci of the building in which the desing office is located
and the strength of family tradition.

Mirosław Nizio's father ran a carpentry workshop in Biłgoraj. He bequeathed to his
son the secrets of woodcarving. Over time, Mirosław Nizio got master craftsman qualifications. In New York, when he was working as an architect, he also took up the renovation of antique furniture. In his father's workshop, Miroslaw Nizio gained not only the knowledge and practical skills. He was also believed that the quality of materials, precision of the creation and individual approach to the object and its purchaser are
the guarantee of success. These are foundations of brand Nizio Interior.

Nizio Interior's furniture are created in small batches. Many of them are unique and some can be configured by the customer's requirements. Nizio Interior's team will cooperate with young Polish designers.

The salon of Nizio Interior is located in old office of Warsaw Wroblewski's warehouses. The famous complex of buildings set on the property on the Inżynierska Street and was built in the years 1910-1914. The company "The Joint-Stock Company of Storage and Transport of Furniture and Goods" was established in the end of the 19th century. Before the World War II, there were a few similar companies in Warsaw, but the Wroblewski's warehouses were the biggest. In the 90s certain artists, i.a. Katarzyna Kozyra and Paweł Althamer, situated their art studios. Today there is located a design studio Nizio Design International.