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Unikatowe niklowane fotele w nowej kolekcji Nizio Interior

Nowa jakość tapicerowanych mebli łączących tradycyjną elegancję i nowoczesną formę. Obok stosowanego w tego typu konstrukcjach drewna oraz wysokogatunkowej wełny obiciowej do wykonania fotela użyto mniej standardowego surowca - niklowanego aluminium. Oryginalna linia i pięknie załamująca światło powierzchnia sprawiają, że mebel zyskuje niepowtarzalny wygląd. Fotel dostępny jest w dwóch wersjach (z pełnymi oraz wycinanymi bokami).



New brand Nizio Interior has started

The designs of the furniture implemented in accordance with the idea of 3xR: recycle, reuse, remake are the main area of activity of just lunched Nizio Interior brand. Its founder - the architect and designer Mirosław Nizio and a team of craftsmen and designers creates new quality for old objects. He recycles destroyed and unused furniture using high quality materials and restores them with attention to detail. Old seats from the theater auditorium and time-worn carpenter's tables got new usage and modern design. Nizio Interior also offers his clients interior design projects for public and private spaces.



New life of theater seats

For decades they served the Warsaw theater auditorium- it might seem that after years
of work for the culture the shabby seats could only be junked. Meanwhile, Mirosław Nizio, architect and designer, the founder of the brand Nizio Interior gave them new life. Seats taken directly from the theater auditiorium went to the craft workshop, where according
to the idea of the brand - recycle, reuse, remake - got new shapes. A thorough renovation of the wooden structure, oil varnishing and laquering, upholstering seats in multicolored materials of high quality Danish wool brought a surprising result. Furniture treated
by design recycle will serve as glamorous decoration and functional piece of furnishing
in both modern and classic interiors.



Mirosław Nizio will be one of the member of the jury in Siemens Future Living Award 2013. Together with other designers he will choose the best kitchen projects.